What do you do all day with a baby?

June 2, 2016

Me and Emma

‘What do you do all day with a baby?’… A friend who doesn’t have a baby asks me. Very good question… I reply with a recap of my day. What’s your day looks like?

6:45am Wh~Wh~Whaaaa. Emma is up. I wake and look at my phone. Tell myself ‘Give me 15 mins. I will come and get you.’ Seriously no more sound. Good. More shut-eye.

7:15am Check baby monitor. She turns 90 degrees clockwise with her legs stuck between the bars of the crib. I laugh.

7:20am Good Morning Emma! Do our morning routine includes good morning hugs, nursing, change diaper and change into daytime clothes.

7:40am Exercise time includes tummy time, activity gym and a lot of hand sucking and drooling all over place.

8:30am Start nap routine (includes a short story, cuddles, a song and a kiss on the forehead) and put her down for her first nap.

9:30am Wh~Wh~Whaaaa. Emma wakes up. We play, read and sing songs together.

10:30am Feed her. Then load her into the car seat and off we go to the mall.

11:15am Have been at the mall for 30 min and we have received over five compliments from strangers on how cute Emma is. I wish someone would come over and tell ME how cute I am instead. Oh well, a mom can dream.

11:30am Time to put the cover on the stroller and let her nap a little bit.

12:00noon She is sound asleep and I’m heading to the food court for lunch.

1:00pm She is still napping. I use this time to catch up on all the chats with my friends and get up to date on all social media platforms.

1:30pm She wakes and it’s her lunch time.

1:45pm We go to Pusateri’s to pick up a cake for Emma’s 5-month birthday tomorrow. Just an excuse for mama to have some cake.

2:30pm We are home. We change into our home clothes and do a little bit of baby massage to stretch her legs since she has been sitting and sleeping in the stroller for a while today.

3:30pm Nap time again. A bit of crying at the beginning then she settles.

4:45pm She wakes and it’s her snack time.

5:35pm Time for some solids. I have been giving her different type of food to try out. She makes a disgusted face after the first bite, then she keeps opening her mouth wide waiting for the next bite.

6:00pm Preparing and eating dinner. She is sitting in her chair looking at me eating. I’m her entertainment.

7:00pm Play, read and sing.

7:30pm Start bedtime routine (includes changing diaper, changing into her PJ, feeding, a story and a kiss on the forehead)

8:00pm Finally… My time. The end.

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