What do you do all day with a baby?

July 10, 2016


6:00 Wh~Wh~Whaaaa. Emma is crying. I give her a quick feed and put her back to bed.

8:22 Wh~Wh~Whaaaa. Time to start the day! Morning routine.

8:45 Today is my husband’ birthday. Emma and I give him a card, a gift and two kisses.

8:50 Exercise and play time. She knows how to turn the pages of a board book now. She keeps on opening and closing the same book over and over again.

9:00 Start packing for today’s swim class. It’s Emma’s first swim class. Last week, we went to a pool party for a trial run. The moment her feet touched the water (the water was a bit cold), she screamed and cried. We are preparing for the worst at today’s class.

10:30 First nap of the day. Once she wakes up, we leave home and go to the swim class.

11:10 Arrive at the swimming pool. Getting the swim diaper and swimsuit on. She still has a smile on her face. She doesn’t know what’s coming yet.

11:30 First swim class. Daddy is with Emma for her first class. I’m sitting on the side observing. Emma did very well at beginning. Getting her feet wet, no problem. Getting half of her body into the pool, no problem. She on her tummy floating on top of the water, no problem. Putting her on her back, a frown starts to show. Dunking her into the water up to her nose (what!), crying and screaming! That’s it after this point, she is not having fun anymore. Daddy, it is a bit too aggressive! Try to be more gentle next week.

IMG_1874 1

12:30 Getting her clean up after the swim class is such an ordeal. To keep thing easy, we are getting McDonald’s for lunch. My first McD lunch since forever. McNuggets and fries are very satisfying, but I know those would add a few pounds to my belly.

1:15 Second nap

2:30 Food time. Today’s menu is carrot & pea puree. Yummy. Emma agrees.

2:45 Play time. Song time. Story time.

3:30 We put on the radio for some background noise. Man, that girl really loves rap and hip hop music. The radio is playing Usher’s Yeah!. Whenever I sing along ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’, she laughs. Hum, mommy and daughter both have very poor taste in music.

4:30 Last nap

5:15 She wakes and we go out for daddy’ birthday dinner. This is the first time we go out for dinner with Emma. Very successful meal. Emma enjoys the new environment. Mommy and daddy enjoys great Japanese food. Everyone is happy. No one in tears.

7:30 Back home and starts our bedtime routine.

8:00 Bedtime for Emma. A lot of firsts today. A memorable day. Happy birthday Daddy !🎂

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