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My First Baby Shower

November 5, 2015

‘When is your baby shower?’… At first, I was quite against the idea of having a baby shower. It seemed like an event that people were forced to get us gifts. And then our best friends told us that gifts were only one part of the event. The main idea was for our dearest friends to show us how much they love us and they wanted to spread the joy of welcoming a new member into our circle of friends. Also, there will be food, tasty pastries and sandwiches… So, we said yes to the shower.

The event turned out to be the most amazing baby shower with the most delicious food like I was promised. It got fox cupcakes (our favourite animal), freshly baked scones, fruit and veggie kabobs, cake, multiple selections of finger sandwiches and macaroons.


Everyone brought a story book to the shower and each of them was signed with a special message to our baby. When the baby grows up and reads the messages, she will know how much she is loved by her parents friends even before she is born.


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