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Tate Dining Room and Bar, Hong Kong

October 12, 2015


I dined at Tate Dining Room and Bar in Hong Kong a few months ago. This restaurant caught my eyes when the chef of this restaurant, Vicky Lau, was awarded Asia’s Best Female Chef in 2015 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurant.

When I walked into the restaurant, it was not hard to notice the feminine touches around place. From the decor, cutleries to plate presentation, everything seemed lighter, softer and warmer. You could sense the minimal and elegant Japanese influence in Chef Lau’s choice of ingredients, cooking methods and plating. The food was exceptional and exactly what you would expect from a michelin star restaurant. What made this restaurant raised above others was Chef Lau’s artistic styling of every single plate. Each of them was like a piece of art. When you thought she couldn’t top the last dish, she would prove you wrong. She left the prettiest dishes to the end with dessert. The honey bee dessert and the Japanese zen garden petit four were the highlights of the meal. They were so breathtakingly beautiful you would feel like they were the printings that you were not supposed to touch at an art gallery.

Address: 59 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong

Food Travel

Hakone Ginyu, Tokyo

March 1, 2015


Staying at a ryokan in Japan is always one of the top item in my bucket list. My wish has finally came true in 2015.

Choosing Hakone Ginyu is an easy choice as it is one the best ryokan with private onsen (hot spring) in the room around Tokyo area. Booking Hakone Ginyu is not an easy choice as it is almost came up $1000 CDN a night. However, it is very hard to pass up the opportunity when I have a chance to fulfill my bucket list with the best ryokan there is.

Everything about Hakone Ginyu was absolutely amazing with the right amount of style and pretentiousness (and it is not a bad thing… allow me to explain). The moment we walked into the lobby, they knew who we were. They first sat us at the sitting room overlooking the mountain when they setup the paper work. Then they moved us to the lounge for a welcome drink so we could relax and admire the calmness in the ryokan. We felt valued and treated as VIPs. Next, they walked us to our room and led us to our private paradise.


Our suite has a dining room, living room / traditional japanese style bedroom, a gigantic bathroom, an indoor hot tub, an outdoor private onsen and a patio. This is what a grand can buy us for a night.


The main attraction was the private outdoor onsen. The cold February air and hot, bubbling spring water were a match made in heaven. We soaked in the hot spring for 15 minutes at time and laid down on the patio sofa for 20 minutes while sipping ice cold beverages. We repeated this routine many times in the afternoon, at night and next morning.


Traditional Japanese dinner (in the form of Kaiseki) and breakfast were served in room. All the dishes were simple and light, yet full of favour. Definitely one of the best Kaiseki meals we have ever tasted. However, the great food was only the extra bonus. The moment we finished our meal, we couldn’t wait to jump back into the hot spring.

Food Travel

TICKETS, BARCELONA – Olive spheres

October 18, 2013

Tickets is the only place you can taste Ferran Adria’s original olive sphere after El Bulli closed shop a few years ago. The olive sphere is like a raviolo with thin delicate skin and olive liquid filling. Put the whole thing in your mouth and it will explode. Very strong olive taste and a wonderful experience for your taste buds.

Food Travel

Le Soufflé, Paris

October 6, 2013

For people who watched enough shows from Gordon Ramsay, you would know how difficult to make a perfect soufflé. Since we were in France and found a restaurant that specialized in soufflé, it would be silly of us not to order their famous three course menu of soufflé, right!? WRONG… so wrong…

You see… eating three big bowls of soufflé in one seating is really difficult… soufflé is just a big bowl of egg yolks and egg whites mixture. You can add different ingredients or favours to it but they pretty much taste the same.  A whole meal without texture, without one single bite is… is… an experience.

Le Souffle, Paris

Food Travel

Les Gastropodes, Paris

October 5, 2013

Marche aux Puces Saint-Ouen de Clignancourt is Paris’ most famous flea market. You can find everything from junk to treasure there. It is definitely a must-see for antique lover.

Inside Marche Dauphine (one of the indoor flea market building), all the way at the back, there is a small cafe bistro called Les Gastropodes.  It looks like an ordinary cafe but they served the most amazing fig pie.

Juicy and sweet figs + fresh cream + crunchy pastry base. I love it.

Food Travel

Septime, Paris

October 2, 2013

Septime — ranked at no. 49 of the World Best restaurant list in 2013 — is my last meal in Paris.

What I love:

  • Cosy atmosphere
  • Amazing and friendly service. Love how they explain each dish with passion.
  • 50 Euro for a six-course tasting menu
  • Best dish: blue fin tuna cooked in fish broth

Room for improvement:

  • Presentation. Their plating style is rustic and simple but I want it to be a little bit more sophisticated.
  • Only one dish that is memorable from the whole meal. All the dishes are very average.

Address: 80, rue de charonne – Paris 11

Food Travel

NYC – Eleven Madison Park

April 15, 2012

Eleven Madison Park is probably the best fine dining restaurant in NYC now.  Ranked at #24 of The World’s 50 best restaurants in 2011.  The food is perfect, innovative and original.  The service is top notch. My boyfriend told them we were there to celebrate my 30th birthday.  Every staff that came over to our table all said ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and they gave me a hand written birthday card. A birthday card is a great touch already but hand written!? They just hit it out of the park. Around the fifth course of the meal, Chef Daniel Humm came out and greeted everyone at their tables. Every member of the Elven Madison Park team made a lot of effort to make their guests feel very welcome and special.  It was the greatest culinary experience I have ever had.


Mackerel and Scallop: Horseradish and Mustard; Chip with Pickled Daikon and Sesame


Quail Egg and Bacon


Clam: Clambake with Chorizo, Apple and Potato




Cauliflower: Tabbouleh Salad with Olives and Orange


Me and Chef Daniel Humm. He is a super nice guy. I love him :)


Birthday cake with table side matcha tea


Menu (Apr 4, 12), Birthday chocolate, Birthday card and Granola


Eleven Madison Park

Address: 11 Madison Avenue, New York,