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Finding the Perfect Nursing Chair

September 19, 2015


I have always wanted to buy an accent chair for our living room. Now that I’m pregnant, I finally have a reason to drop some serious money on the most comfortable chair ever… Just for ME… Well while holding my baby!

The search on finding the perfect chair is a lot of fun. I have never known how comfortable a chair can be until I try sitting in a nursing chair. It rocks, it glides, it reclines and it has amazing back support. Here are some of the nursing chairs I have tried and absolutely love. Now I just need to figure out which one to get…

1. Dutailier

2. West Elm

3. Dwell Studio

4. Monte


New Direction

May 31, 2015


Haven’t updated my blog for a while. It is not because I stopped eating fancy or my appreciation of food has decreased. It’s mostly because of something big has happened.

Now I want to go back in and blog more but this time, the topic of interest will change to a territory that no one would think I would dare to step into… Motherhood.

I have always expressed strongly how I dislike babies, kids and teenagers. They are dirty, loud, ill manner, running around recklessly little sucker I always have no interest to be a part of. I would not go to family friendly restaurant. I would think twice for any dinner invitation if I know babies or kids are going to be there. I would pay for VIP movie ticket just to avoid sitting next to a teenager.

Now everything has changed. I’m pregnant with a 6-month baby girl who loves doing bicycle kick in my belly all the time. Soon I will have a little something standing next to me and doing all the stuff that I used to hate… And surprisingly I’m really excited about it…