Buca Yorkville, Toronto

April 1, 2015


Dinning out is not just about food anymore. Service, creativity, theatric and atmosphere are all parts of the score sheet now. That is why chef tables becomes more and more popular because they gives the diners the wow factor they are looking for.

Buca Yorkville knows how to do their chef table very well. The high counter table gives the diners an open view of what a busy kitchen looks like. There are so many things going on everywhere at the same time, tasting the food becomes the last thing on your mind.


When you look on your right side, chefs are slicing the cured meat and lining them up nicely on the serving board. On your right, another chef is busy making pizza dough from scratch and stuffing them into the wood oven. At the far end of the room, a few chefs are grilling fish and octopus. In front of room, the head chef drizzles a few drops of olive oil onto the plate right before it goes to the pass.

The action does not stop at the kitchen. It flows through into the dining room as well. A server behind you just cracks open a salt baked fish and carve tableside. Then right next to you, another server brings out a Branzino dish and he fillets a raw sea bass right in front of you.

Endless entertain is all around, but everything stops when the first dish is served. Your attention will re-direct back to your table, because every dish in the tasting menu worth your full concentration. Ingredients are fresh and the preparation is simple. Buca opts out from using complicated cooking method and simply let the amazing ingredients shine.

buca_tastingmenu_2Buca Yorkville
Address: 53 Scollard St, Toronto, ON M5R 0A1

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