Baby is here… My delivery story

January 15, 2016


Our baby girl is finally here but it is not without drama. My contraction started around 3am. When I started noticing the pattern, it was already 5 minutes apart. We went to the hospital at 6am and I was in unbelievable amount of pain already.

Baby daddy brought me to the triage area and he left to park and complete the registration. Meanwhile the nurse examined me and told me the baby was ready to come out! They wheeled me to the delivery room but he was not back yet. Luckily within minutes, he appeared next to me and I suddenly felt calmer.

It was always my plan to use epidural but everything was happening so quickly that it was too late to get it now. The nurse gave me some laughing gas to get through the pain while we waited for the doctor but looked like I had to go through labor without any pain med.

Pushing her out did not take long. After the doctor broke my water, the baby was in distress and the cord wrapped around her neck. The doctor needed to vacuum her out right away. The whole process caused a lot of tearing and I got quiet a bit of stitches afterward. However, all these did not matter as Emma entered into our world safe and sound around 7:30am.

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