Sustainable Living

IKEA Sustainable Living Project

September 6, 2016

Living sustainably is a lifestyle. When there are so many material things in front of us, we would never think about the future. I was like this until I had my first born, then everything changed. We want to be her role models and do everything we can to build a better future for her. We want to start living a rewarding and responsible life without sacrificing the Earth; to take only what is needed while creating the least amount of waste. That’s why for the next few months, our family will work with IKEA Canada and learn about how to live sustainably. We will document our sustainable living adventure over at IKEA Canada’s Sustainable Living Project website. So come and check us out.

Baby Food

Baby Food Styling

August 5, 2016

I’m starting a new food project focusing on baby food. Let’s see how many ways I can make puree look interesting.

orange orange2
green2 white
color green


What do you do all day with a baby?

July 10, 2016


6:00 Wh~Wh~Whaaaa. Emma is crying. I give her a quick feed and put her back to bed.

8:22 Wh~Wh~Whaaaa. Time to start the day! Morning routine.

8:45 Today is my husband’ birthday. Emma and I give him a card, a gift and two kisses.

8:50 Exercise and play time. She knows how to turn the pages of a board book now. She keeps on opening and closing the same book over and over again.

9:00 Start packing for today’s swim class. It’s Emma’s first swim class. Last week, we went to a pool party for a trial run. The moment her feet touched the water (the water was a bit cold), she screamed and cried. We are preparing for the worst at today’s class.

10:30 First nap of the day. Once she wakes up, we leave home and go to the swim class.

11:10 Arrive at the swimming pool. Getting the swim diaper and swimsuit on. She still has a smile on her face. She doesn’t know what’s coming yet.

11:30 First swim class. Daddy is with Emma for her first class. I’m sitting on the side observing. Emma did very well at beginning. Getting her feet wet, no problem. Getting half of her body into the pool, no problem. She on her tummy floating on top of the water, no problem. Putting her on her back, a frown starts to show. Dunking her into the water up to her nose (what!), crying and screaming! That’s it after this point, she is not having fun anymore. Daddy, it is a bit too aggressive! Try to be more gentle next week.

IMG_1874 1

12:30 Getting her clean up after the swim class is such an ordeal. To keep thing easy, we are getting McDonald’s for lunch. My first McD lunch since forever. McNuggets and fries are very satisfying, but I know those would add a few pounds to my belly.

1:15 Second nap

2:30 Food time. Today’s menu is carrot & pea puree. Yummy. Emma agrees.

2:45 Play time. Song time. Story time.

3:30 We put on the radio for some background noise. Man, that girl really loves rap and hip hop music. The radio is playing Usher’s Yeah!. Whenever I sing along ‘Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’, she laughs. Hum, mommy and daughter both have very poor taste in music.

4:30 Last nap

5:15 She wakes and we go out for daddy’ birthday dinner. This is the first time we go out for dinner with Emma. Very successful meal. Emma enjoys the new environment. Mommy and daddy enjoys great Japanese food. Everyone is happy. No one in tears.

7:30 Back home and starts our bedtime routine.

8:00 Bedtime for Emma. A lot of firsts today. A memorable day. Happy birthday Daddy !🎂


What do you do all day with a baby?

June 2, 2016

Me and Emma

‘What do you do all day with a baby?’… A friend who doesn’t have a baby asks me. Very good question… I reply with a recap of my day. What’s your day looks like?

6:45am Wh~Wh~Whaaaa. Emma is up. I wake and look at my phone. Tell myself ‘Give me 15 mins. I will come and get you.’ Seriously no more sound. Good. More shut-eye.

7:15am Check baby monitor. She turns 90 degrees clockwise with her legs stuck between the bars of the crib. I laugh.

7:20am Good Morning Emma! Do our morning routine includes good morning hugs, nursing, change diaper and change into daytime clothes.

7:40am Exercise time includes tummy time, activity gym and a lot of hand sucking and drooling all over place.

8:30am Start nap routine (includes a short story, cuddles, a song and a kiss on the forehead) and put her down for her first nap.

9:30am Wh~Wh~Whaaaa. Emma wakes up. We play, read and sing songs together.

10:30am Feed her. Then load her into the car seat and off we go to the mall.

11:15am Have been at the mall for 30 min and we have received over five compliments from strangers on how cute Emma is. I wish someone would come over and tell ME how cute I am instead. Oh well, a mom can dream.

11:30am Time to put the cover on the stroller and let her nap a little bit.

12:00noon She is sound asleep and I’m heading to the food court for lunch.

1:00pm She is still napping. I use this time to catch up on all the chats with my friends and get up to date on all social media platforms.

1:30pm She wakes and it’s her lunch time.

1:45pm We go to Pusateri’s to pick up a cake for Emma’s 5-month birthday tomorrow. Just an excuse for mama to have some cake.

2:30pm We are home. We change into our home clothes and do a little bit of baby massage to stretch her legs since she has been sitting and sleeping in the stroller for a while today.

3:30pm Nap time again. A bit of crying at the beginning then she settles.

4:45pm She wakes and it’s her snack time.

5:35pm Time for some solids. I have been giving her different type of food to try out. She makes a disgusted face after the first bite, then she keeps opening her mouth wide waiting for the next bite.

6:00pm Preparing and eating dinner. She is sitting in her chair looking at me eating. I’m her entertainment.

7:00pm Play, read and sing.

7:30pm Start bedtime routine (includes changing diaper, changing into her PJ, feeding, a story and a kiss on the forehead)

8:00pm Finally… My time. The end.


Baby is here… My delivery story

January 15, 2016


Our baby girl is finally here but it is not without drama. My contraction started around 3am. When I started noticing the pattern, it was already 5 minutes apart. We went to the hospital at 6am and I was in unbelievable amount of pain already.

Baby daddy brought me to the triage area and he left to park and complete the registration. Meanwhile the nurse examined me and told me the baby was ready to come out! They wheeled me to the delivery room but he was not back yet. Luckily within minutes, he appeared next to me and I suddenly felt calmer.

It was always my plan to use epidural but everything was happening so quickly that it was too late to get it now. The nurse gave me some laughing gas to get through the pain while we waited for the doctor but looked like I had to go through labor without any pain med.

Pushing her out did not take long. After the doctor broke my water, the baby was in distress and the cord wrapped around her neck. The doctor needed to vacuum her out right away. The whole process caused a lot of tearing and I got quiet a bit of stitches afterward. However, all these did not matter as Emma entered into our world safe and sound around 7:30am.


Aziz Ansari ‘Master Of None’ Food Map

December 25, 2015

Morgenstern's finest ice cream
I’m a huge fan of Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix series ‘Master Of None’. This is definitely the best comedy TV show in 2015. The writing is absolutely amazing. I can relate to everything in the stories, culture references and down to where the characters in the show dine in New York City. The restaurants, coffee shops and bars are a big part of the attraction of the show. Thrillist created a Master Of None Food Guide and lead you to everywhere the characters eat and drink. Enjoy.

Screen Shot 2015-12-25 at 5.24.43 PM

Additional reading: New York Times: Aziz Ansari Walks Us Through 10 ‘Master of None’ Dining Spots

Baby Pregnancy

Our Nursery Room (for now)

November 11, 2015


Our nursery room is slowly coming together. Baby shopping is an extremely dangerous activity. Everything for baby is so small and cute that it just becomes hard to resist not to buy everything you see. Here is what we have currently in the room:

1) My hand painted nursery wall

2) Pottery Barn Kids Reese crib

3) Fox blanket

4) Lamb and Ivy Woodland Tales Musical Mobile

5) Naturepedic Organic Cotton crib mattress

6) Pottery Barn Kids fitted sheet

7) Fox mug for mommy

8) Ikea Malm dresser

9) Babies R Us change pad

10) Gap Baby onesies, bear claw gloves and bear claw boots